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Will You Be There
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Will You Be There

Guillaume Musso

Wydawca / producent: Hodder and Stoughton
EAN: 9780340933732
Stron: 292, Format: 14.0x20.0cm, Ciężar: 0,21 kg
Rok wydania: 2008, Miękka
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artykuł chwilowo niedostępny
nasza cena: 46,95 zł
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'Musso once again proves that he is a master of romantic stories, the ideal companion for cold winter's days on the sofa.' -- Westdeutsche Zeitung 'Light, but charming: a fantastic romance' ... 'Musso, keep writing! Whatever comes next, we'll be there.' -- Thuringsiche Landeszeintung 'Will you be there' is a delightful, uncliched romance.' -- Freundin, Germany 'A gripping read' -- Augsburger Allgemeine 'You must read this book - and if you like Marc Levy, you'll love Guillaume Musso. Promise!' -- Veranstaltungskalender 'It's no surprise that this novel has had its film rights snapped up - it's as high concept as they come ... Musso is from the Paul Coelho school of writing, with on-the-nose prose and a simple message. As one reviewer put it, think: "a sentimental Back to the Future"' -- London Paper 'A novel that people actually want to read and simply enjoy. Musso has written a sentimental love story with an intriguing twist - to put right a romance gone wrong ... Humorously and suspensefully, Musso plays back and forth in time with the manipulation of fate and wish-fulfilment fantasy until the final heart-stopping sentence. Suspend your disbelief and take a trip back to the future, this time with feeling.' -- Saga 'A daring rollercoaster of a novel - readers of The Time Traveller's Wife" will love it' -- Sunday Express 'It's an irrestistible tale of love conquering the boundaries of time and space - think Truly, Madly, Deeply "meets The Time Traveller's Wife.'" -- Glamour 'This young and rising French author has a way of captivating you ... gripping ...If you like Mitch Albom, you'll like Musso, even though he has a lighter and more humorous approach' -- Hype Magazine, Singapore 'Stunning novel ... an intelligent and emotional time-travelling romance, if you enjoyed The Time Traveller's Wife" you will treasure WILL YOU BE BE THERE? A moving tale of love, loss and hope, it's not hard to see why this book was a runaway bestseller in France and has been translated into 24 languages with a film in the offing.' -- East Anglian Daily Times 'Read this: WILL YOU BE THERE? is for anyone who has thought about what they would do differently if they could change the past. -- Famous Magazine, Australia 'An intelligent and hopeful story about love, choices and desire ' -- Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin, Australia 'An enthralling tale which will keep you turning the pages until the very end ... you will hear more about [Musso] in the future' -- Daily Mercury, Australia 'Guillaume Musso handles suspense as well as any American thriller writer' -- L'Express, France 'Remember his name: Guillaume Musso is a young writer with a radiant future' -- Gala, France 'Musso turns suspense into a literary art' -- Marie-Claire, France 'Musso once again proves that he is the master of romantic stories, the ideal companion for cold winter's days on the sofa' -- Westdeutsche Zeitung 'A fantastic romance ... Musso keep writing! Whatever comes next, we'll be there' -- Thuringsiche Landeszeintung 'A gripping read' -- Augsburger Allgemeine 'WILL YOU BE THERE is a delightful, uncliched romance' -- Freundin, Germany 'You must read this book - and if you like Marc Levy, you'll love Guillaume Musso. Promise!' -- Veranstaltungskalender
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